Cut through Government Red Tape with a Strong CMMS Solution

November 29, 2022
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The workings of government reach beyond national elections and officials. Smaller governmental representatives and facilities exist at the local level, and each county comes with its own guidelines for day-to-day operations. The right computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) helps governmental facilities maintain compliance in record keeping, asset management, secure document storage and more.

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Keep Detailed Records with a Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

If you’ve worked in a facility with even a slight government affiliation, you know that the requirements for paperwork and documentation are precise and often extensive. You don’t want binders cluttering shelves, getting misfiled or, even worse, loose papers sitting out in the open in piles on desks.

a maintenance worker utilizing a computerized maintenance management system as an online document storage solution

The best way to keep your meticulous records organized is through a computerized system – bonus points if it is a cloud-based software for easy access and low server equipment overhead. Because government facilities are subject to inspections and specific regulations, it’s important to use a system that keeps all files and documentation securely stored and easily accessible by authorized users.

A CMMS helps with:

  • Digitizing work orders

  • Task assignments to team members

  • Real-time project and work order progress data

  • Securely storing documents typically included in audits (e.g. a fire extinguisher checklist)

A CMMS also helps government facilities managers streamline and simplify each work day. If you are in a smaller office, you probably are a hands-on facilities manager who is constantly on the go. The right CMMS gives you the ability to place a work order or track assets using a mobile app.

 maintenance worker organizing asset tracking through enterprise asset management solutions like a CMMS

Government Facilities Management Essentials - Track Your Assets and Equipment

Implementing a computerized system allows your team to keep track of your equipment, from how many repairs each asset received to measuring the life expectancy of equipment and developing accurate budgets for capital expenditures. Asset management tools help you analyze critical details about your equipment and facility. This is especially important to achieve the transparency required when reporting spending of tax and other government funds.

Let’s use a fire department as an example. A new or even gently used fire truck can cost tens of thousands of dollars. In the U.S., the city council of New Philadelphia, Ohio, recently approved the purchase of a new $1.8 million ladder fire truck due to the costly repairs of the old one. Over time, the city has had to track data to show that its former truck – built in 2008-2009 for $595,000 – began to experience maintenance issues over the past year with costs adding up. 

cmms systems like maintenance care can be in ideal for your cloud storage services needs and online document storage

The last straw was taking the truck out of service for up to 60 days due to having to wait for a special valve to be made and shipped. That decreases the fleet for an unknown time frame and hinders the department’s ability to respond to emergencies.

A CMMS solution makes the process of managing an asset more effective and efficient. A facilities manager can schedule preventive maintenance on each specific truck for ladders, liquid reservoirs, engines, protective glass and other specialized features. 

By using a CMMS, the city can prepare for a truck to be out of commission for weeks to months at a time, so they can work with other entities to borrow necessary equipment instead of hindering their ability to serve their community.

a cmms software comes with a desktop app for your maintenance teams to process maintenance functions and provide access to documents online with streamlined file sharing in a centralized cmms database

Plan Preventive Maintenance for Tasks and Budgeting

Staying ahead of broken equipment is half the battle for governmental facilities. Using an in-depth preventive maintenance system will make sure your equipment is running perfectly.

Features of an effective government facility management CMMS solution include:

  • Task management that lets your whole team know what needs to be done and when

  • Scheduling preventive maintenance and inspection tasks in advance

  • Tracking your assets’ lifecycles to develop accurate capital planning reports

  • Dashboard reporting that simplifies tracking and project status

maintenance teams working with cmms data during compliance audits to foster collaboration and deliver insights on workflow visibility to improve efficiency

Government facilities run on strict budgets, and preparing for unexpected costs can be tough. In the event of critical equipment failure, detailed records about repairs, pricing, preventive maintenance and more are required, which you can produce from your CMMS. This information helps you make data-driven decisions when it comes to preparing future budgets.

The red tape of running a government facility doesn’t have to be sticky. Try a free demo of the Maintenance Care CMMS today and see how you and your facility can best serve your community.

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