Consider Facility Maintenance Software Before Tax Time Next Year

May 15, 2014
1 min

If you run a maintenance facility then you already know how important it is to keep up with things like expenditures, inventory, and anything that has to do with running things smoothly. With the old way of doing things you may have your warranties and information on purchases in a file somewhere while your expenditures for service calls are in another. With maintenance facility software you have everything you need in one place and everything is at your fingertips – and can be shared.


For instance, if you have a large piece of equipment that helps run your facility then you keep up with its maintenance, repair information, warranty information, life expectancy, and more. In fact, you have an entire area that allows you for capital budgeting where you can forecast and budget for asset replacement. Not only does this make everything easier at tax time but easier the entire year – day by day.

More Benefits 

Facility maintenance software from Maintenance Care allows you to do so much more as well. Sending employees out on service calls easier and more efficient because no one has to come back to the shop to grab the work order or try to hear instructions over a radio full of static or background noise. Plus, everything is kept in order so that you can see who went on the call, when it was done, what notes are listed about the call and anything related to the service call. This helps with communication issues and paper trails.

With facility maintenance  software, your life is made easier and your maintenance facility can run more smoothly. Best of all, when it comes time to do the taxes, whether you do it yourself, someone else in the company handles it, or even an accountant does the work, everything is easy to find and all the paperwork is in place for the facility.


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