CMMS is the Key to an Organized Maintenance Department

April 23, 2019
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Today's typical executive wastes 150 hours a year — almost one month — searching for missing information.

If that were you, wouldn't you want to do something about that?

CMMS can reduce maintenance paperwork

It's no secret: do any type of research on running a department like a well-oiled machine and you’ll find that organizational skills are paramount. Information goes missing when the organization doesn't take proper care over its management. Decentralized information, poor control over versions and documents — even clumsy paper systems where sheets can physically disappear. All these things can easily add up to an incomplete picture of your maintenance reality.

That can spell disaster when it translates into critical preventative maintenance being missed entirely, or machinery exiting its lifetime expectancy without the budget to replace it.

It's no secret: do any type of research on running a department like a well-oiled machine and you’ll find that organizational skills are paramount. That's where CMMS comes in. As a dedicated maintenance management system, you can be confident it's the very best way to stay on top.

Bolster Your Efficiency

Being efficient is imperative to keeping your maintenance department running smoothly. Prioritize your time based on what actually needs your attention, and make fewer mistakes — which in turn means less corrective behaviour that takes up more valuable time.

By having everything in one place — your CMMS — instead of notepads, files in cabinets, or desks where paperwork gets buried or lost, you have an efficient way of keeping up with all things maintenance with everyone working with the same information.

Take Control of Management

By working more efficiently — with work orders being issued and completed via software — you've finally got the opportunity to put those management skills to better use.

No more confusion over who did what with work orders sent to specific people via the mobile app. Preventative maintenance is a breeze to set up to automatically sent to the proper employee at the right time.

And Asset Management allows you to understand everything about your entire system — from manufacturers, to serial numbers, to life expectancies.

All this means information won't get lost because it's all going to the same place, set up exactly how you need it.

Don't Just Have Your Information — Use It

Sophisticated reporting capabilities allow maintenance managers the power to instantly get anything they need to know in reports customized to their individual needs.

Did an accident happen with your equipment? You've got a full log of everything that was done on it. Are you wondering what needs replacing in the next budget cycle? You don't have to dig through paper — just pull up your asset list and see what's coming toward the end of its life.

Even if you have spreadsheets and keep things relatively organized, a centralized digital approach is always going to be faster and more detailed. A CMMS program gives you the upper hand on reliable and accurate tracking.

Oh, And You Can Access Your CMMS Anywhere

By being able to access anything at any time – right next to the equipment being worked on, and even away from your building entirely – you're operating at a whole new level of flexibility. And when a job can be reported on immediately rather than when the employee gets back, the job will be reported on more accurately — and is far more likely to be reported on at all!

All these things mean one, very simple result: less lost information. No more stressing over missing paperwork or not being able to tell if a machine is costing more to repair than it would to replace.

Just a convenient software deployment that makes your life a whole lot easier.

Want to know more about CMMS? Check out our CMMS guide!

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