Maintenance Tracking Software: Asset Upkeep In the Workplace

October 15, 2013
2 min

The maintenance department of any facility should be able to work efficiently and effectively to keep all aspects of a facility running smoothly. Maintenance tracking software can help the department do this easily. Tracking routine and preventive maintenance, breakdown maintenance, work orders and the completions of all types of maintenance activities become much easier when you have a proper software in place that supports your procedures. However, one thing that often gets overlooked, is the need for Asset Management tracking as part of the data capture workflow.


A Growing Asset List

It can be a cumbersome task to manage and gather information and disperse it to the appropriate person for follow-up. This process requires too much footwork or face-to-face time before the actual procedure can begin. The importance of using maintenance tracking software is obvious as a company's assets grow larger and decisions or mistakes become more expensive to make. As the pieces of equipment become more numerous, more time is needed for servicing these assets. Post-it notes or even excel spreadsheets are just not going to cut it anymore when looking to track costs of repairs and frequency of maintenance on each item within your facility.


Budget Planning

In the past, asset management was simply a maintenance schedule on a whiteboard and equipment replacement was only initiated if money was available in the departmental budget. Unfortunately for budget makers, the money was rarely available when needed to replace a piece of equipment and the decision to continue to throw money down the drain at repairing ineffective machinery often took precedent.  The bottom line is that most reactive systems don't have the information or data to support justifying large capital expenditures and therefore funds are never allocated properly.  Easy and accurate data capture of your asset history becomes key to making better decisions about replacement or repair.

Information can be easy to capture and evaluate if you are using the right software package.  Here are some key points to look for when choosing a new software or evaluating your current package specifically dealing with asset management:

  • Is it user-friendly all the way from start to finish 
  • Does it deliver a simple day to day workflow that will actually be used effectively
  • Does it allow you to report on the information clearly
  • Can you zero in on a particular asset and find out its history
  • Does it capture cost of repair, vendor info, dates and details of repairs
If your software package meets the above criteria, you can rest assured to have the correct and accurate information whenever you need it. 


Easy To Use Software

Maintenance tracking software keeps capital assets in working order by organizing notes into a work order system that can automatically schedule the work. It assists with planning and tracking the tasks that surround the management of your equipment. The status of a job is always available because the software keeps it within easy reach.

As yourself if you are able to keep the work flowing and easily know how many people and hours are necessary to complete any task. Maintenance tracking software is the solution if you are looking for competent operation of a department within a company. There are many benefits that exist to create a stable workplace including improving and creating positive results. Over time it can help you to accomplish both short term and long term goals.



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