Coach Your Team to a Winning Season with Facility Management Software

October 10, 2013
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As you know, there's nothing quite like having a winning team. When each member of your facility management team is doing his or her job, and they're all doing it well, you feel like you're on top of the world. Your days go by, almost effortlessly, and you're absolutely thrilled that you decided to get into the facility management business. 

However, when some individuals within your team are lacking in their performance, it tends to bring down the effectiveness of everyone. Those days can be real headaches, and sometimes it can drive you to search through the new job listings in order to find something else that you can do which might not be so difficult. 


Losing Season

Here at MaintenanceCare, we have to sympathize with New York Giants fans. This season has been heartbreak after heartbreak. Their 0-5 losing record speaks for itself, and it's an perfect example of what can happen when the members of the team fail to do their jobs. While we won't speculate on what will happen for the remainder of the season, it stands to reason that some significant changes need to be made within the cohesion of the team if they expect things to get any better. Much like Justin Tuck of the Giants put it “There are only two ways to finish out this season.  That’s either figuring out some kind of way to right this ship and get some positive momentum going here. Or you can sulk and feel sorry for yourself and have the worst season ever in Giants history.”  We'd like to believe that there's no reason to have a losing attitude especially when there is a viable solution available for you and your team.


Coaching Your Team

Maintenance Care is dedicated to help you avoid a "losing season". In doing so, we hope to help you avoid the types of communication and execution issues that the Giants seem to be facing in this challenging time. With facility management software you'll easily stay on top of what each of your team members are doing. It's easy for you to track their jobs, and find out what each one has accomplished that day, or during the course of the work week. In a sense, facility management software places you in the position of the coach, allowing you the freedom to work with the members of your team and decide whether or not they simply need a pep talk, or a trade.  Trend their performance and see if they might need additional training in certain areas, or push them a little harder when you realize that their productivity has dropped compared to their teammates.  

Information contained in your facility management software will be at your fingertips and just like a coaches' playbook, you will be able to make the right decisions for your department at the right time. Having a software that provides all of the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time becomes a necessary part of your coaching process.    


The Goal

Ultimately, each one of your team members is the face of your department. When they're on the top of their game, everyone benefits. It's our goal to help you and your team do the very best job they can and we believe that by having the right tools, the right information and the right coaching, your bound of a winning season.

If you'd like to know more about our facility management software, we'd love to talk to you. We can even offer you a specialized quote, based on the size of your facility. For more information, contact us today. 


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