From Rock Stars to Gold Stars: Facility Maintenance Software Helps

August 9, 2013
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Everyone enjoys staying in a nice hotel.  Some hotels are grander than others, but there are many nice choices in both small and large hotels to attract a loyal customer base.  Anyone who works in hotel facility maintenance will agree that maintaining a hotel and keeping it up to par is no easy task.  While customers are looking at ‘star’ ratings online to help them make their choices where to stay, they’re usually unaware of the efforts hotel maintenance staff must go through after a 'star' of a different nature checks out, sometimes leaving their room trashed beyond comprehension.  

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The hotel business has developed quite a history of destructive guests.  The most famous have been movie icons, TV celebs, and of course rock stars.  Some have taken a few hours to destroy their rooms while others in literally just minutes! If hotel walls could talk, what they might tell you is:  

  • Back in 1994, Johnny Depp trashed the Mark Hotel in New York. After getting arrested on suspicion of criminal mischief, he paid out approximately $10,000 in fees and damages and charges were dismissed.  When asked what happened, he claimed an armadillo did the damage, but no armadillo was ever found.  As reported in, he later said, “It was a bad day.  I was just feeling on display, feeling like a novelty, really…and it seemed like the right thing to do, smash a couple of things. “Ironically, Roger Daltry of The Who was trying to sleep next door. “On a scale of 1 to 10, I give him a 1.  It took him so bloody long. The Who could’ve done the job in one minute flat!”
  • In 1998, while staying at a Sheraton in Poughkeepsie, NY, Marilyn Manson trashed his band’s hotel rooms. According to, "There was a telephone stuck in a wall, burns marred the carpets and sinks and bathtubs were stained from the group’s hair dye."  The band agreed to pay for the damages. 

And it’s not just rock ‘n roll stars who can throw tantrums.  Read on:

  • In 2009, as reported by,  while staying at the Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino in Connecticut, Britney Spears’ children, (then age 3 and 2) “destroyed the curtains, drew with crayons and even did their business in the hotel pool.” The damages came to a whopping $20,000!
  • And last but not least, anyone who works in the hotel industry has heard the one about Charlie Sheen who, in 2010, allegedly trashed his room at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.   As reported by The New York Post, tables and chairs were in disarray and a chandelier was damaged at a reported cost of $7,000. The police were called and Sheen told them he had been drinking and snorted cocaine before flipping out.  His reps later tried to soften the story by claiming he suffered an “allergic reaction.”  

A saving grace to these types of atrocities in the hotel industry is having efficient facility maintenance software to process work orders in a timely (as in ‘need it done yesterday’) manner.  Cloud based platforms are perfect for management to submit requests anytime, and especially from home or anywhere away from hotel grounds after they receive that late night call advising that another ‘star’ staying in their hotel has fallen off his rocker, so to say.  This helps alleviate down time and gets staff to work on room repair and turnaround time asap!  The specially designed work order system can be individualized per room and location, and be directed to specific qualified personnel to perform the work.  Tracking repair costs, asset expenditures and depreciation is easy.  Built-in asset management also helps staff keep track of items and amenities that are provided in the most basic rooms to the grand suites.



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