Better Customer Service Using Facility Maintenance Software

December 1, 2014
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Customer service is something that doesn't just apply to people in the retail business because it is important for maintenance supervisors as well. It is important to be able to identify your customer and provide the best customer service possible. 



For instance, if you work in the hospitality industry then the customer is of course the people staying there but that's not all. This also includes vendors, technicians, your employees, and management higher than your position. 


Customers or Clients

These are typically your own customers at places such as privately owned businesses or customers at places where the public is present. This includes hospitality businesses, landscaping, etc. These are obviously your first priority while the rest of the list is important as well.


It is imperative to provide good customer service to your vendors because a good relationship can ensure that you are given top priority when it comes to getting what you need to run your maintenance facility.



Obviously, you want to impress your managers if you do not own your own business. While it can be hard to work with difficult managers, it is essential to always maintain a respectful attitude with good customer service. They may not be your actual customer but without a good relationship, every aspect of your workday can be affected.


Employees may not be the first thing you think of when you think of customer service but this applies to them as well. The first part of having an employee that is dedicated and does the work on time and efficiently is by having an employee that feels respected and treated well. If you treat them as well as your customer base then you'll have fewer problems when it comes to getting the work done. This applies to when they are being hired, in training, and of course during their workday.

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Having a maintenance facility to run can be hectic and it is easy to overlook customer service. Often it is not because you don't want to be friendly and helpful but simply because you're busy or work is behind, and of course, when disasters happen that makes work harder.

One way to keep yourself on track and have more time to focus on customer service is to have Facility Maintenance Software. By being able to track preventative maintenance, work orders, equipment, and more, you can spend more time focusing on better relationships with everyone you come in contact with.

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