5 Considerations To Make Before Hiring New Staff, CMMS Can Help

January 4, 2016
1 min

How do you know when to hire for a new position?  There is alot more to consider then just your current staff's protests that they have to much to do.


Hiring a new team member at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons can end up costing you alot of money and wasted time.  Here are 5 things to consider when looking to add a new position. 


Time Management

Before hiring for a completely new position, you will want to confirm that your staff is managing their time properly. Fixing time management issues will be easier and more cost efficient then hiring someone else to come in and do a job they are not needed for.


Work Overload

If your people are consistently overloaded with tasks and projects and you are sure that they are managing their time effectiviely, then adding a new position will increase your team's productivity as well as reduce stress.


Temporary Help

Do you find yourself hiring outside contractors, or frequently calling temp agencies etc to help with the work load?  If so, then hiring for a permanent position could be a good idea.  Of course, there are other considerations too. When you hire a contractor, you can get rid of them as soon as you no longer need them, but they often cost more per hour then regular staff and they generally don't know your facility as well.  CMMS can help analyze the various costs involved.  This will help you decide whether to hire new or continue with temporary help.


Seasonal Increases

If your workload has increased due to seasonal reasons only, then it is probably best to just hire temporary help to releive the extra pressures.


Proper Qualifications

If you and your staff are doing jobs that are below your skill set then by hiring a new person at the proper skill level could actually help increase revenue and productivity.  


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CMMS from Maintenance Care can help you keep track of important information such as, the jobs being done by outside help, money being spent to complete those jobs and all of the work that is being neglected due to the lack of help.  This information will be priceless when it comes time to determine the benefits that hiring an extra person could bring.   


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