4 Tips to Get your Maintenance Department Ready for Winter!

October 5, 2020
2 min

The season of quasi-eternal frost is almost upon us and across the country, Facility Managers and their Teams are set to get appliances and building infrastructure ready for winter.

But who guards the guardians' workstations, the sanctum of facility management, the workshop, the technical rooms!? Here are 4 tips to declutter and get it right this season – good conscience regarding the "junk drawer" included!AdobeStock_189743452

Hoarding is not a Guilty Pleasure – It's a Nuisance

There is a thin line between recycling and hoarding – for some it's plastic takeout containers, for others its that pile of old spray paint cans and ply wood that will "definitely come in handy one day." Here's the thing: it might, but until then it just clutters and clogs your workspace. 

Instead of holding on to e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. you may or may not ever use again, go through that pile or room and sort it out by these criteria:

  • Does the item still work?
  • Do we have it double?
  • When was the last time you actually used this item or needed it?
  • Is the cost and nuisance of storing an item really lower than buying a new one on demand?
  • Is the item easy to recycle?


"Kondo The Crap Out Of it"

A lot of unnecessary stuff accumulates over the course of a year. Seen it. Been there. Our recommendation: if it doesn't spark joy, let it go. If it sparks flames (and it's not a welder), get rid of it ASAP. 

It won't only make your operations flow better, but you'll also have that great feeling of relief that comes with not having to look at all the broken old bits of drywall anymore (how did those get there anyways?!). Enjoy the freedom!

Do Some Good While Tidying Up

If you find your workshops and equipment rooms weighed down by the unbearable burden of excess tools and building materials that are still good but don't have a place or use in your facility anymore ("You heard me right, 14 gallons of mustard yellow paint today. The designer said it's a life and death situation."), why not pass them on to someone who needs them?


The leftover 4x4 posts and assorted nails (maybe even the remaining 12 gallons of mustard yellow) might be a welcome addition to a housing project or a school's workshop. Many charitable organizations accept construction material donations – just do a quick google search and help your materials find their "forever home."

Do some "digging"

During the winter months, everything tends to run a little slower than during the rest of the year. Take the time to have a look at what accumulated over the year, reflect, and do some analysing: which projects did you accomplish and finalise during the year, and what others have contributed to the "dumpster pile?" 

You'll be surprised how helpful a little bit of critical reflection can be and that knowledge will help you get a better plan in place for next year's projects – from preventive maintenance to daily housekeeping. 

Use Your CMMS

This one never gets old: CMMS is your friend and helper for all reorganising, decluttering, inventory management, and scheduling purposes. With new added features like automatically sorted tasks (by frequency) or new Column options (Task Type, Class, Area, Priority, GL Code, Assigned To and Assets), your mission is easier and more efficient than ever. 

Reach out to us or book a demo to see for yourself – the only thing you have to loose is clutter.

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