3 Tips To Stop Boring Meetings, Facility Maintenance Software Can Help

January 6, 2016
1 min

Stop wasting your time with boring, horrible meetings.  Try these tips to keep your employees engaged and eager to attend.


Make it Fun

It is not always easy to make a boring meeting fun. However, it is important to try. Some companies incorporate giveaways, or employee interactions in a fun way, such as games. It is important to make sure that your meetings are enjoyable so your employees don't sit there and daydream, but actually pay attention and want to get involved. Before a meeting (both real life and online) run a "lottery" giving participants certain roles. As a start point you can have only one–the timekeeper. Give this person a responsibility to keep track of time and remind everyone when each 15-minute time period ends, for example. 


Keep it Short

A meeting that is too long will not only bore your employees but will make them tune out on what is being said. No longer than an hour is optimum and shorter if possible. Don't make it too short though – being too short lessens the importance of the meeting. It's a great idea to send out the agenda before each meeting so that participants know what to expect.


Give Something Back

Make the meeting something employees look forward to instead of an event they do not want to attend. Provide food if possible or give out "Employee of the Week" awards.  You can base your awards on most jobs completed, or longest hours worked.  That information will be readily available in your facility maintenance software.


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By using Facility Maintenance Software, you are setting your facility up to be well organized and efficient.  This in turn will keep your staff happier as well.  Who doesn't prefer to work in an well run facility over a stressful, disorganized mess?  Enjoy your meetings, have fun and get everyone involved.


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